In most cases, a new build to suit development tends to be a more cost-effective and less risky endeavor than some other types of development. Owner/Broker Sammye Leahy and her team have developed relationships over the years and calls on local  experts that know how to navigate the process to build a new building on St Charles County Land, Lincoln County Land and Warren County Land.  A couple of things to consider if you want a new building built for your business are:

  • Different municipalities have different Municipal Requirements and navigating them is not for the faint of heart. Owner/Broker Sammye Leahy can help you navigate the process if you’re looking to build on St Charles County Commercial real estate, Lincoln County commercial real estate or Warren County commercial real estate.
  • Leahy Properties has a long term relationships with local experts that offers Architectural, Engineering, Surveying and Landscape Design Services
  • Financing options are numerous.
  • Every commercial project is different. Our Clients Represented page gives you just a handful of clients we have represented over the last 20+ years.