Navigating the various municipal requirements for St Charles County Commercial Real Estate,  Lincoln County Commercial Real Estate and Warren County Commercial Real Estate can be a daunting task.  Knowing when and how to present a site plan, appearing before planning and zoning boards of 47 separate municipal entities in St Charles County, Lincoln County or Warren County, who to talk to at a City or County in order to set up an initial meeting before you spend thousands of dollars on architectural plan for instance.

The construction of a commercial building requires a commercial building permit in most municipalities.  The submission process can vary from municipality to municipality but you generally need to submit building plans, a detailed plot plan, the estimated cost of construction and sometimes a land use permit form must be completed

While a project is ongoing you can expect site visits from City and County inspectors.  At least one inspection is required being when the permit is issued but it’s routine to expect several inspections on a commercial project.

There are also Federal requirements.  Did you ever consider that tree removal to clear a site for a project wouldn’t be allowed within a quarter mile from a known Northern Long Eared Bat hibernacula (bat cave) or within 150 feet of roosting trees on greater than one acre parcels?  Were you aware that the gestation-post lactation period of this species runs from mid April to late September?  Items like this are things that our more than twenty years of experience in St Charles County Commercial Real Estate, Lincoln County Commercial Real Estate and Warren County Commercial Real Estate The Leahy Properties have seen before.